5 Tourist Places for Year End Holidays

Yay year-end holidays soon! Year-end holidays are the best fun to go to a tourist spot with friends, family, or girlfriend/boyfriend. Do you have a vacation plan yet? Well, aStore Indonesia will give you recommendations of anti-mainstream tourist places for the end of the year

How to Take Care of Headsets To Be Not Broken Fast

Headsets become compulsory friends for mobile phones, especially for you who love to listen to music and have high mobility. The use of headsets that are too often and not maintained will make the headset become quickly damaged. Well, aStore Indonesia will give tips to keep the headset in good quality so that more durable and last long.

Harbolnas Discount Party 12.12.2017

A few more hours to 12.12 ya! Are you ready for the biggest discount party this year? Harbolnas or National Online Shopping Day is a great time to shop for product's wish list because online stores/e-commerce will give many discounts. Well, for you who want to get discount no trickery, this is a trick you can do.

Tips to Stay Healthy While Playing Gadgets

Mobile phone is one of the practical communication tools. However, we often hear that the radiation from the signals generated by mobile phones have an impact on health. Well, aStore Indonesia will provide information about healthy tips on using mobile phones to reduce the impact of radiation

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